How Long Does It Take?

This is probably the hardest question I get asked and also the most frequent! The difficulty in answering how long acupuncture takes to work is that everyone is different and the reasons for a particular condition arising are different. Since acupuncture works on the root cause of a problem results are long lasting instead of just covering up the symptoms. Some conditions take longer to treat while others are a more of a quick fix. As a general guideline, I like to say that for every year a condition has presented, it takes around a month to treat. So for internal imbalance that are deeper in the body the treatment length is longer, while for pain and other more acute conditions the treatment time is shorter.

How Much Does It Cost?

My standard fees are $150 for an initial consultation and $80 for follow-ups. I also offer payment plans for discounted rates. If you are interested in treatment for a specific issue like fertility acupuncture or facial rejuvenation, see the appropriate recommend packages.

What Does Acupuncture Treat?

Chinese Medicine was the predominant form of medicine for thousands of years until the recent advent of “Western Medicine” or modern medicine. Because of this, it has been used to treat every condition that has arisen over those years from back pain, neck pain and broken bones, to cancer, arthritis, infertility, allergies, diabetes, IBS and other internal disorders to name a few. Some of the more exotic disorders I have helped resolve with success are burning tongue, excema, migraines, vertigo and claustrophobia. For specific questions about a particular disorder, use the contact form to inquire about your condition and treatment strategies.