Christopher has been involved in the holistic community since 2002. After realizing his passion for nutrition and Eastern medicine he started school at Southwest Acupuncture College in 2005. While finishing his four year masters in Oriental Medicine, he also received certification as a QiGong Healer while studying at the Body Energy Center in Boulder. He apprenticed with master herbalist Charles Chace and completed a program at the HeiLongJiang TCM University in China specialization in women’s health issues. He has worked with many medical conditions and takes focus on internal disorders and fertility medicine with the treatment of herbs.

By supporting the body with acupuncture, herbs, and correct nutrition, many imbalances can be corrected or prevented. In all, he has worked with patients with conditions ranging from HIV and cancer to cramps and bruises. In his free time he practices bagua kung fu, yoga, meditation and enjoys traveling, hiking and camping outdoors. Difficult cases are welcome.

“Living a healthy lifestyle is an important part of bringing the mind and body in harmony and freeing us from disease and discomfort, so that we can all live to our fullest!”